Friday, February 11, 2011

Stuff I Found Behind the Ice Machine

As pretty much everything in our ER is old, old, old, it should come as no surprise that our ice machine is a model about 30 years more elderly than this specimen. It works pretty well, though and we always have a steady and abundant supply of ice cubes (not that crushed crap). These are solid particles that weigh heavily in a plastic bag and conform nicely to those swollen body parts; not to mention providing refreshing iced coffee whenever we need it.

There are only two problems; it occasionally makes a helluva racket and takes up a ton of space. The first problem is easily rectified with a well-placed kick just below the grate; the second is not rectifiable. But since there is so much room behind and next to it, I made a couple of amazing discoveries when I dropped a sleeve of cups behind it; really, it was like a trip in a time machine.

Apparently nobody ever cleans in there.

I found a box of gloves; they were latex which we haven't had in a long time. A few of old souffle-type med cups. An ice pick. 17 cents in change. A dessicated cookie. A garter (ha! haha!) do you even know what that is? A bottle cap from RC Cola. A golf tee (WTF?) A couple of pens. Lots of dust. Several old washcloths and one slipper sock. An old, old, wooden ship (nah, just kidding).

Oh, and THAT's were the MAST trousers went! ERP, I have them if you need them! Haven't used them since the 1980's, or maybe the 70's.

The HVAC apparatus is also elderly. It provides heat in the summer and refreshing air conditioning in the dead of winter. It is essential to dress in layers.

The duct that lies directly above our heads in the nurses' station was rerouted while I was away last week so that it continuously blows either freezing cold air or cool to lukewarm air. All. The. Time. The HVAC monkeys, I swear, just mess with it. There was also a new digital thermostat in the waiting room that I'm pretty sure does absolutely nothing.

Mikki and Sherry tried taping cardboard over it. Unsuccessfully.

Lisa adhesive taped a folded towel over it. Unsuccessfully.

I took a staple gun to it and unloaded a full round onto the edges of the towel. Somewhat successfully. Then I found a bunch of screws and pounded them into the squishy ceiling. That looked GREAT. But it worked, that towel nice and tight.

Today I came in to find that the duct had been rerouted again, so no more breezes. I am afraid of what will happen this summer.