Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What, Me Worry?

You have probably noticed the "Days 'til Gradution Ticker" to the right over there. Yes, I am finally, actually, really finishing.  My course ends officially on May 4, but I expect to have all the necessary work finished before then. It is a PAINFUL course; Holistic Professional Nursing.  Really, it is just Public Health Nursing redux.  Same book with the same professor; and the same no-nonsense attention to detail.


It is an 11 week course.  I have, on average, two discussion questions weekly and an installment of the Capstone Project.  To date, I have passed in every single assignment late, copied and pasted the same response to a discussion four times (with minor tweaks), and lifted entire sections of papers I had written previously to fulfill an assignment.  I have a 100% average in this class in spite of copying the Gettysburg Address and citing Alfred E. Newman and Mad Magazine as a reference. "Great job!  Keep up the good work!". Yikes.

The entire class is in the same boat; we are all suffering from, dare I say, Senioritis.  My kids know what it is like to be a SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENIOR.  I guess we are all grateful that we have the most laissez-faire instructor on the planet for our final course

About friggin' time.

Mr. Ednurseasauras, my biggest cheerleader, is thrilled (we really haven't talked about grad school). My boss is overjoyed (she is encouraging grad school, but I think for now I prefer to get my kitchen renovation completed and tackle that next fall/winter). Nana wanted to go to my graduation (in June, in Georgia, where it is very hot) but thought she would enjoy staying home and minding Tina instead; they get along great, and Tina LOVES going to visit Nana). My kids, K and J, having finished college 8 and 4 years ago respectively, have always been in my corner, gave back to me those words of encouragement I spoke to them when they were taking their academic journey:

K: "Mom you are so close!"

J:" Just think about how good it will feel when you are done!"

K: "Party!"

J: "No more college tuition"

K: "Now you are a SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENior!"

J: "I guess you will be wanting your Kindle back" (I let him borrow if for an extended period while I finished school; it was a distraction otherwise)

I plug away, and look forward to not having anything hang over my head in a couple of weeks. So close, so close.  But first, I must write up the intervention on a  family I made up for Smoking Cessation; although made up of various people, they are not a family.  The matriarch really did light up a butt while she was on oxygen, hilarious hijinks ensue.  Not.  I think I will throw the Bill of Rights in the middle of it and cite Wikipedia just to see if my professor is paying attention.