Sunday, May 7, 2017

Thank you

Hannah is a superstar nurse also with big brass balls.  Once, during a code the patient had no IV access.  She said "I'll just put in an IO", picked up that IO drill and in less than a minute the patient had access.  It was her first time.  Ever.  And she got it true with no coaching.  Every time I saw her for the next month I raised my hands in a "big ones" gesture.  She's also a nice person.  I mean, really super nice.  Everyone loves her.

One of my favorite docs will get right in there and pitch in, often doing stuff she doesn't have to do.  She will do IV starts, get meds and fluids, transport patients to CT if the nurses are busy.  She has been known to put patients on the commode or bedpan.  She is a doer.  Some nurses take it as a sign that they are not doing their job fast enough to suit her, but it's really not that…she just doesn't see the benefit of sitting around waiting for shit to get done if others are busy and she has the time to do it.

I ran into her in the med room, pulling stuff out of the Pyxis.

"Oh there you are, doing everybody else's job again"

She turned and smiled, leaned against the counter and said, "You know, there are times when I would have been very happy to be a nurse.  But it would not have worked. I'm just not a nice person"

I laughed.  "You are so!"  She is a straight shooter, is not all fuzzy and warm, but I like and respect her a lot.  

"Not really, I want to be like Hannah.  She talks to every patient like they are cupcakes and fairy dust, no matter what evil thing they say to her.  Same as you, you're nice".

"What I am is a good actress".

"Well, then you are a GREAT actress".

Happy Hallmark Holiday Nurses Day to me, and to all the nice nurses out there.  Also to those with big, brass balls.  And a huge thank you to all those individuals, in every corner of the health care universe, who support us so we can get the job done.  


Go read this.  Right now.

Well said, my friend. Well said.