Monday, September 22, 2008

My New Baby

This is Tina, my new dog. She is a ton of fun, energetic, smart, LOVES to run and chase a ball or frisbee. She is the only reason I get up and walk a mile before I go to work in the morning, something I have just not been able to motivate myself to do.

She is a very sweet girl, 3 years old, part terrier and part beagle. I have had her for about 5 weeks, having adopted her from a family who no longer wanted her for reasons that are unimportant. Tina's picture was on the break room bulletin board for oh, about a month. One day I happend to ask if she had found a new home; nope, and by the way she would be making a visit to the ER that very afternoon. Long story short, to save her from being put to sleep, sap that I am, the dog comes home with me.

Now, I used to have the world's best border collie up until a few years ago when he had to be put down for illness. It just about killed Mr. EDNurseasauras, who vowed never to get another dog for the rest of his life. After a couple of years without one, I was ready. While he never said no, my husband always had good reasons why getting another dog was not a good idea. I never disagreed with him, but still , dog was on my agenda.

Fast forward to 5 weeks ago. I brought the dog home about 6:30 PM. Tina was skittish, fearful, mistrusting....of me. The cat she ignored. She had obviously been neglected and she smelled. I threw her into the tub and spent the next hour petting her and talking to her. She settled in.

Until my husband came home. Tina barked and barked at him as he came up the stairs onto the back deck with a large box. "Well", he observed, "you have a dog". "Yep", I replied, "You have a 37 inch TV. It appears we have a stalemate". I promised myself that I wouldn't fall in love with her, and if it didn't work out, I would try to find a good home for her. I hoped that my husband could manage to make friends with the dog and gain her trust. Believe me he loves animals and wouldn't harm a fly.

Tina continued to bark at my husband, and all males, for the next week. She barked at him if he left the room to get a snack. She barked at him if he got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. She barked at him when he got up in the morning. I was the one she ran to, hid behind and followed. She had decided she was my dog, although she liked my daughter a lot. All animals and babies love my daughter so it was not surprising.

"Two weeks", I said. "Let's give it two weeks. If she can't get used to you, well....I'm Gonna Miss You (I sang). Just kidding. We can't have a dog that doesn't trust you, I know that. Just be patient with her".

He was. He worked it and worked it. Coaxed her to come to him, but she was so heartbreakingly submissive I wanted to cry. She rarely made eye contact. After a week she stopped barking.

After three weeks she jumped up on the couch when he called so he could pet her.

Last week she got up with him in the morning and let him feed her instead of waiting for me.

Today she wagged her tail, danced, licked his face, and was excited to see him for the first time.

Hook, line and sinker. He's as in love with her as I am.