Sunday, October 30, 2011

Got Flu for You

 It's official: "Go directly to the ER at the first sign of flu" season is upon us.

One guy wasn't feeling great, "felt warm" (um, his thermometer didn't work), kinda tired, and had a sore arm because he had a flu shot yesterday.  Perfectly healthy guy.  Came from work.  Home with common sense generic remedies.  I think the CDC should start keeping statistics on ManFlu.

I did three flu swabs today, and not a single one was positive.  Nobody was sick enough for the ER, trust me.

One mother of a 6 year old called first to make sure we did flu tests and we could give her kid Tamiflu if needed.  Yes to the test, no to the Tamiflu.  We don't stock it, and the pharmacies are closed now.  Call your pediatrician for flu guidelines, no I can't say whether we will or will not give it to your kid anyway.  The advice she ignored.  The kid wasn't really sick other than a low grade fever.  He was otherwise healthy. But he did have a birthday in a few days and mom's goal was that she wanted him healthy for the party.

Negative flu test.  No Tamiflu.  Cancel the party.