Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day After Thanksgiving

I usually work the evening shift, I just like it better. There are generally fewer suits to mess with and you can do your own thing. The only problem is that when the ED Nurse Suit goes home at 4 PM, there is the problem of poor staffing, no techs, and no paramedics. Oh, and no transport. It is not ok to leave the shift with the highest volume of patients without adequate means to provide for the hordes, especially the day after Thanksgiving when the PCP offices are closed. I was quite pleased, in an evil sort of way, to hear that the day shift was so busy "we could only sit for about an hour!" Oh, really. Pardon my sarcasm, so sorry you couldn't enjoy the entire paper AND your latte.

Well, my day after Thanksgiving was something to be thankful for. I had nice, normal, appreciative patients. I really felt like I did something good today, even if it was nothing more than being able to REALLY do some patient teaching, make someone actually feel better, help my colleagues and take a bathroom break before ascites set in. Whoo hoo!