Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yeah, This is How I Operate

If I have to mix medication drips I generally make a big mess.  Yes, we mix our own.  The pharmacy doesn't live here.  Cabinets open, drawers open, syringes and wrappers, papers, calculators.  Usually people know to stay out of  my way when I am mixing anything.

This is my kitchen.  I also make messes at home, so at least I am consistent. I am one of those cooks who, a)doesn't like it, b) isn't good at it and c) cooks all over the kitchen.  As evidenced by the sheer quantity of stuff laying about.

You must be wondering what extremely complicated and amazing dish I was creating to have made such a hash out of my kitchen, right?  Well, it was French toast.  For me.  See that little stack of jam over there?  I made that last week.  The kitchen was in WAY worse shape than this.