Friday, February 22, 2008

Ear Enemas 'Til Clear

This could be the next big thing in ear lavage

I have never understood what compels people to come into a busy ER for a problem with earwax, never mind be willing to wait for a couple of hours to have them blown out. These are people who do this regularly. There is generally no infection, just diminished hearing. What?


Do PCP's not offer this service?

I really hate to irrigate ears, at my last job I simply refused to do it. Is squirting warm water into an ear with an 18 gauge IV catheter really a nursing task? Is there not the potential for perforating the ear drum? Hmmm?

You can soften up those big hunks of black gunk all day with mineral oil, the juice of two freshly squeezed ripe Colace gelcaps, or Debrox, whatever is lying around. You will still need a big honking squirt of warm water to make that puppy exit the orifice. Really, after more than 30 years there are few tasks I hate more than irrigating ears.

This guy has all the answers (and seems to enjoy it) so if you want to avoid a trip to the ER, check it out.