Thursday, November 29, 2012


Some days people do nothing but whine.  I'm not talking about my co-workers.

1.  36 year old with ankle injury 5 hours before.  He wrapped it in an ace bandage, put his boot back on and continued to work for 4 more hours.  He had 11/10 pain which was unrelieved with a Percocet his brother in law had conveniently provided about an hour before.  I was hard pressed to find even minimal swelling.  Who goes straight from ace wrap to Percocet?  This guy who whined, body whined, whistled like we were pulling his eyebrows out with pliers and made a spectacle of himself.  On discharge he refused crutches because he had some at home, applied his own aircast for his non-fracture, and disputed the very generous prescription for Percocet 5/325 because "I just took the 30 mg and it didn't even work".  Get the fu*k out.

2.  50 year old male with back pain.  Oh and chest pain.  The back pain is 10/10 and consumed his total attention.  He also whined and body whined, and curled himself into a fetal position with ease while I tried to get an EKG.  He stated he was seen at Pseudocity ER last night for the back injury (he fell at work) and was only given Tylenol.  He gave up to the ER doc that he was taking percocet only because we were sending for his last ER record.

3.  32 year old male with testicular pain from a back injury.  He said it was a work injury.  This was his 2nd visit in 2 days.  He would not take his coat off, but Partner in Crime insisted that she needed to take his BP. He held his arm in a very specific way so that the underside was not in view.   The ER doc insisted that he get into a gown.  That was when he found the needle marks that he said was "caused by someone else doing it to him".  The girlfriend hung her head.

4.  38 year old female with cough and cold.  This qualified as Man-Cold.  "My friend says there has been a lot of flu around".  Yeah, in the next state.  She too whined and body whined and was pissed that we didn't have any Tamiflu to give her.

I expect men to be whiny, but woman, you pushed two pumpkin-sized offspring out of an opening the size of a silver dollar.  Please, please, please suck it up and be an example to these men.  You have set the women's movement back 50 years.