Sunday, October 23, 2011

You Might Be Having a Bad Day If..... are burned by falling "into" a bonfire.  While you are wearing spiked heals and drinking tequila get into a car accident while enroute to the ER.  With a tick bite. are fake-vomiting into the toilet (ie, sound effects and  spitting). Then your brand new I phone falls in.
...."you just can't get hold of" your doctor and you need an emergent narcotic refill.  He is here in the ER and  says he fired you a year ago.
....your friend pierced your navel for you after you were forbidden to have it done.  You are not 18 for another week and we need parental permission to treat you for that infection. come into the ER for back pain so bad you needed to be out of work today and will need to be out for the weekend.  I did not triage you. But you did wait on me at the drive-up window at Dunkin' Donuts about an hour ago.  Nice to see you again.
...your dog is startled by a cat and bolts, you pulled off your feet, and your head hits a rock.  You are 71 and have a fractured skull.

Which one is the worst Bad Day?