Tuesday, October 23, 2018

In which we are screaming, but nobody can hear us

Our admins were absolutely skewered on the latest round of employee satisfaction scores.  For added fun, this year we were also given an opportunity to evaluate our director.  Some of the comments were shared during a staff meeting.  Meetings are administrative crack.  If it's not working, by all means, have a meeting or 12. The bosses appeared shamefaced, bewildered, confused.  

"Drowning, send lifeboats"
"Administrative puppet"
"Not an advocate for nurses"
"We have a director??"
"In your opinion, is there anything we do RIGHT?"

That explains why the director has been out and about in the department, "visible" more in the last 2 days than at any time in the last 12 month 5 years.  She was not out of her rat hole office to help.   She was certainly not dressed for patient care, in her sharp little booties and lab coat.  Why do admins wear lab coats if they never do anything to get dirty, such as:

start an IV, surely you remember how.
answer some call lights.  
deliver a couple of meal trays, get some blankets, walk someone to the bathroom.

Instead, we have to take time away from our task to make inane conversation about HOW ANOTHER AWARD MADE UP BY ADMINS WOULD MAKE US FEEL MORE VALUED.  

SOO looking forward to next year's roast.  Doubt they will make this an annual event, though.