Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not Baby Talk

I cared for a sweet three-year old.  We had this conversation while I wrapped up his boo boo.  He apparently thought that all nurses were present at his birth

Little Voice: "Nurse?"
Me: "Yes?"
Little Voice: "Were you there when I was borned?"
Me: "No, honey, that wasn't me"

A short time later: "Um...nurse?"
Me: "Yes?"
Little Voice: "Were you a nice nurse who helped my mommy when she was sick?"
Me: "No, sweetie, that was another nurse"
Little Voice: "You're a nice nurse.  You didn't give me any shots.  Do all nurses help people?"
Me: "As much as we can, baby"

Little Voice (after pausing to consider if I was trustworthy of his secret) "Do you know that my mommy went to heaven to be with the angels?"

Umm...gulp.  No, I really do have something in my eye.