Thursday, February 28, 2008

Operators Are Standing By....

We get lots and lots of calls from people who are looking for advice, as I'm sure most ER's do. Here is today's top ten:

10. "How long is the wait?"

9. "If I took Tylenol at 2 hours ago, how soon can I take Motrin?"

8. "How long is the wait?"

7. "I cut my finger with an Exacto knife, do I need stitches?"

6. "I saw Dr. Dewshe Bagghe last week for my back, and my prescription for Percocet ran out, can he just call me in a script for more?"

5. "What are the symptoms of food poisoning?"

4. "Should I bring in my 2 year old for a high fever? It's 100 degrees"

3. "Can you talk to my husband and convince him to call an ambulance? He twisted his ankle yesterday and it's swollen and black and blue. Yes, I have a car, what does that have to do with it?"

2. "Can I make an appointment?"

1. "If I can't make an appointment, can I put my name on the list so I don't have to wait so long? Like at Chilli's?"