Friday, October 12, 2012

Pool Coup

Some months ago, Mr. Ednurseasauras an I joined a gym...excuse me, health club.  It is a pretty nice place, it has a good variety of stuff to do so there is no excuse for not going several times a week for classes, games, tennis, or whatever.  I enjoy several different exercise classes, pickleball and walleyball.  Unfortunately, I broke Mr. Ednurseasauras  on his first visit to walleyball; a torn calf muscle that took months to heal.  This is a man who hikes regularly, bikes, played hockey until he was 60, as healthy as  many 20 years younger, you get the picture.  It wasn't even an injury you could specifically blame on walleyball.  I mean, all he did was step forward on it so it could have happened anywhere; including the top of some mountain.  He was gracious about it but I blamed myself for badgering him into it as something we could do together.  Thus endeth any further campaigns on my part to ask him to do anything  but walk the dog.  He can go get hurt on his own time.   Which he does.   He is at present recovering and rehabbing from a patellar tendonitis.

On labor day weekend I had my own injury in an activity I have been doing since I was 10 years old; jumping out of a boat.  I had made a pretty bad job of docking the boat and leaped out to tie it, thus saving Mr. Ednurseasauras' knee; my own hyperextended in an explosion of pain.

 I spent the next several minutes dealing with both the pain and resulting near-syncope.  Mr. Ednurseasauras thought I was having a heart attack or stroke, which scared him very badly.  Long story short, I was fine, but the knee is still wobbly which has taken me out of court sports and exercise classes, and I didn't get to the gym for a month.  Tina doesn't get very long walks up rough terrain because I just don't trust that knee.

So, to do some kind of physical activity I started swimming in the lap pool, which seems to be just dandy for my knee.  I am presently doing 30 minutes of laps, then 30 minutes in the warmer pool vigorously treading water with just arms, or just legs and trying to get a workout out of both.

I lurked around one of the water aerobic classes for seniors to see if it was something I might like to try.  The first class seemed to consist of some ladies in their 70's floating on noodles with life belts and chatting.  Nope, didn't seem like it would be any kind of challenge.

The second class was lead by the same woman.  She had the participants raising their arms above their heads while kicking.  Still no challenge, and I had to leave the pool because one of the older gentlemen was straddling a pink noodle which extended out of the water in front of him so....I just couldn't look at that any longer.

Today the class seemed to be running over-time due to some earlier pool maintenance.  There was a small group of unruly home-schooled kids (the next class was advertised as being for home schoolers) anxious to get into the pool for lessons who were being disruptive.  They were sitting at the edge of the pool kicking and interrupting the flow of the class.  No parents in sight, surprise surprise.  One of the women, tired of kids fuc*ing with her chi yelled, "Hey!    You  have the rest of your life to get into the pool, most of us will be dead soon enough, so knock it off!"

Applause from the pool.  Silence from the crowd.