Tuesday, February 14, 2012

File Under "Stuff You Just Can't Make Up"

 I found the sign below on a public trail last week while walking my dog, Tina.  Today I found the same sign, in fact several, attached to trees on another hiking trail about 4 miles from the first location in the next town over.

OK, I am sorry for anyone who loses a pet since I like animals.  But seriously?  Look at that cat. It does not look like a back-packing kind of feline. And who takes a cat hiking?  I am also thinking that Lucky is  not a good name for a cat since it seems to be tempting fate.  No cat should be named Lucky before it has used up at least 5 of its 9 lives. 

On the subject of bad names for cats, one of my neighbors had a cat named Trevor.  Yes, Trevor.  I am preparing a post on stupid pet names, but that is for another day.  Trevor's parents went away for a few days and Trevor escaped in their absence, perhaps lonely or merely pissed off that he had been left alone.  Cats are like that.

Being an indoor cat and most likely lacking survival skills Trevor, predictably, remained at large for days in spite of his owners attempts to locate him.  Desperate, they contacted an animal communicator who somehow, remotely, intuited that Trevor was alive,  but "in a dark place".  That will be $75, payable by Mastercard or Visa.  Dark place = dead cat.  There are lots of predators in my neck of the woods and Trevor has never returned home, nor has he called or written.  He is likely living on the street with a $100/day catnip habit. After a few months the neighbors gave up and adopted a new Trevor. 

I was thinking that the owners of the lost Hiking Cat might want to consult a cat psychic as well for some input as to the whereabouts of their lost pet.  Perhaps it went trekking in the Catskills.

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