Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I watched on the monitor while a young man in his early 20's walked across the parking lot.  By the time he reached the door he was hunched over and moaning.  Back pain.

10 minutes later, I watched another young man, also in his early 20's do the exact same thing.  Back pain.

Neither had insurance.
Neither had ID.
Neither could remember their temporary local "new" address or phone number.  They both gave a different a different permanent address, same town in another state.
No, they didn't know each other.

They said they were both roofers.  One of them listed "seizure disorder" as a medical problem.  The Talker sent them out with whateva pain meds and a work note.

"REALLY??  I said.  REALLY??!  Fraud and  bullshit aside, a roofer with a SEIZURE DISORDER??  Seriously??!"

"Oh.  I didn' t pick up on that".