Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On Halloween...

For safety Halloween was, by decree, delayed for a couple of days, which was kind of too bad because the sky looked pretty spooky right about sunset. 
We were very lucky in this area. No flooding, minimal power loss for my street, not a lot of wind damage.  We only lost power for about 6 hours which was surprising since normally we lose power for days at a time.  With so much devastation along the East Coast we were very fortunate indeed.  I can't imagine how awful it must be for many communities, and how awful it is going to be for quite some time.  Here's hoping that all emergency workers stay safe.  

I'm over Halloween though.  I haven't had a single kid come to my door for the past 7 Halloweens living here north of the Arctic Circle.  I live on a cul-de-sac;  there aren't any school-age kids or street lights, and the houses are a good couple of acres apart and set far back from the street.  Even if we were one of those neighborhoods that attracted the sort of mini-van drive-by street-cruising Trick-or-Treat ninja mamas, they would still have to drive from house to house.  It's apparently not worth the effort or gas for a paltry candy haul.  As for me, I usually try to work on Halloween, but failing that Mr. EDNurseasauras I will go out for the evening.  It's the best time to go out because there aren't many kids or crowds in the restaurants, and we aren't out late enough to have to deal with the bar crowd.  It's also the best plan to avoid having my dog go ape-shit with the doorbell and having all that leftover candy around calling my name.  OK, so I'm a Halloween Grinch.  

And shoot me if I've never liked costume parties.  There's just too much pressure.

Here is a Costume Fail I came across at a flea-market last weekend.  
What the quack??

My dog had a better costume wearing her hunting season walking attire.

"Where is my beret?"

Even at work I never dress up.  I once wore my cap, but I don't have seasonal scrubs with cute little ghosts or witches.  I have nothing against them, it's just personal preference.  I'm more comfortable in boring scrubs.

Partner in Crime does all the decorating and acquired this little craft-fair felt sign to hang up at work.
Me: "It says HAPS-PY"
PIC: "No, it says HAPPY"
Me: "Clearly, there's an S in there"
PIC: "That's part of the pumpkin vine, see there's leaves on the stem"
Me: "Why would it be carved up with a face if it was still on the vine?"

Argument for argument's sake.

So...Hapspy Halloween, even if the police chief says no Trick-or-Treating until Friday.  Stay safe.