Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walk This Way

The Lady on Elm St. has been suspiciously quiet lately.  There are some ER docs that she just doesn't like.  Let's see, that's....everyone except Cripes and Henrietta.

Lady arrived by ambulance with her usual abdominal pain complaint.  She was brought to us in spite of Lisa's advising them over the radio that "Dr. THE TALKER strongly advises that this patient go to the Mother Ship for evaluation".

That is because Lady and the Talker do not get along.  The Talker finds it necessary to tell it like it is; Lady finds it necessary to take offense.  The Talker has been known to remind Lady that her morbid obesity is a hazard to her health; Lady has written complaints about the Talker since her morbid obesity, in her opinion, is none of his business.

Whatever the Talker said this time caused Lady to storm out of the ER; if a person of her sizable girth and wearing a nightgown, robe, and fuzzy slippers can storm anywhere.

Lisa waited awhile and then, when she didn't return, called the police to see if they could see her.  It was a long walk to Elm St.  Surprisingly, she had called someone to pick her up and it wasn't an ambulance.

The Talker expects another letter of complaint.   I expect Lady to come in on my next shift.