Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From Out of the Blue

Sherry was curious about a little kid she had sent to the Big City Kid's Hospital with a forearm fracture from a few nights ago.  We rarely get any follow up on people we transfer to other places unless we call them, or they have some kind of complaint or lost a slipper or some shit.

The parents, who were very, very anxious, were thrilled with the excellent care at Big City Kid's where he had a closed reduction under sedation.  It was a long night, but he did well.  They were also grateful for the care he had received at our facility.  He was, however, almost out of pain medicine.  Long story short, Cripes, who had seen the kid the other night was willing to write a 'script for the same pain medicine to tide the kid over for another day or two. 

Dad came in to pick up the prescription and had this to say.

"Thank you for taking such good care of us the other night.  You can't know everyone's story and what's gone on in their past.  I just wanted you to know that how you treat people really does make a difference.  Fifteen years ago, I had a son who didn't make it.  I walked the halls at Big City Kid's.  You remember the people, the doctor's and nurses, who reached out and tried to make a connection, a kind word.  Some encouragement.  Or helped us prepare for the worst.  How you treat people matters.  I was back walking the halls like I have for the last fifteen years.  Thank you for caring about us".

I never cry at work.  This made me cry.