Monday, August 27, 2012

I Don't Flirt

A 42 year old guy came in for a suture removal.  Yes, we do this.  We used to do it for free, now I'm told it is something that gets billed.  It was a worker's comp, so whatever.

The guy was the tiniest bit goofy, and had a fairly androgynous looking kid with him of indeterminate tween age, I just couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl.  Turns out it was a girl.  "Will there be blood?", she asked as I got out the scissors.  Wasn't that a movie? 

After the sutures were removed and I prepared his walking papers, I teasingly asked the little girl if she saw any blood.

Dad: "Hey, you said that like you have kids"
Me:  "Oh, sure.  I have kids your age"
Dad: "What?!  That can't be true.  You're too young to have kids my age!"
Me:  "I had my first when I was about 12, so yeah.  About your age"
Dad: " No, go on!  You're joking, but you are just too cute"
Me: "Um, well thanks for making my day"

Flirting, me?  Yeah, no.  I was being a wise ass.  HE was flirting.