Monday, May 8, 2017

Just because

Because no employer is going to own me, ever again,  I work a couple of jobs per diem.

Because I choose what days and shifts I work, I have ALL the control.

Because one of the jobs is a busy ER with lots of millenials and plenty of call-outs, I could work 16 hours per day if I wanted to.  Because I have I life, I don't

Because last summer I was feeling sassy and clever,  I decided to just work a couple of 12 hour shifts a week in order to have more time off.  Because my boss put me on a lot of weeks with 2 shifts at the beginning of one week, and 2 shifts at the end of the next, I had me some  6, 8, 10 day-off stretches at a time.

Because 12 hour shifts are Satan, and because it just reinforced that I really am too old for 12 hour shifts, I went back to 8 hour shifts.

Because my boss appreciates my flexibility, she is fine with my working 8's.  Because there aren't many per diem's who work straight evenings, it gives her more flexibility in covering short shifts.

Because I am planning to retire in the next couple of years, and I have downsized my living situation, I am also going to downsize the number of hours I work.

I think this summer I will do 2 shifts per week.  8 hours.  No weekends.  No commitments

Because it's time.  Because I can.