Friday, June 1, 2012

PS, **** You

Lisa routinely begs me to leave her "love notes", humorous little observations about the absurdities of our job and/or irreverent comments about upper management (these are numerous).   I managed, after a crushingly busy evening shift in which I did not get to the rest room for 7 hours, eat dinner, or do anything other than fix other people's mistakes, to pen this:

Sorry it is such a mess.  We were here until after midnight charting.  I had a fight with Mac because he was being pissy.  It was his fault for working a 16 hour shift and not being able to figure out how to electronically order stat meds so he just left it for me.  What a shit-show.  Cathy and I are both quitting.  I'm not answering my phone so don't bother call.  Have a nice day.