Thursday, December 1, 2011


Marketing  refused to  give up the ghost on their search for the elusive beige cart.  This  second appeal appeared on the company website:
"The Marketing Department has lost the Marketing cart somewhere within the hospital- have you seen it? I am totallyy lost without it.  It is tan in color and says marketing on the side of it.  If you can provide tips to the whereabouts of this cart, a warm fleece reward awaits you.  Call me at ext. XXXXXX and I will gladly come and get it.  Thanks!"

I believe "fleece" is also a name for counterfeit crack.  Just sayin'.  But it was nice that they were willing to heat it up. 

We had a field day with this.  Kate, Lee, Lynne, Kerry and I took pictures of various carts and emailed them to marketing over a couple of days.  It took awhile for them to realize we were being humorous, but hey, they still think they're getting their cart back.  "No, not our cart but thanks" was the response to images of the code cart (both adult and pedi), TV cart, suture cart, laundry cart and computer cart. I'm pretty sure it was the picture of the shopping cart that tipped them off, but it was surely the hot dog cart photo that pushed them over the edge.  No response to that one. 

Next week, we're going to start sending pictures of carts Photoshopped in places like the beach, bars, amusement parks, and the Statue of Liberty with interesting commentary on what an exciting time the cart is having instead of being cooped up in marketing.  I think he best way to end it will be to open a Beige Marketing Cart Facebook page and friend the head of marketing.  Too bad social media is blocked on hospital computers.