Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Tell a Lie

Candace, the day xray tech had an outpatient whom, she said, "was nasty and had attitude". I guess he had asked her if she "saw" anything on his xray, which normally annoys the crap out of her.

Jane, my boss said, "Why don't you tell him you see plenty, but you won't tell him what?"
Candace didn't think it was funny; apparently there are strict rules on what they can tell patients, and she usually tells them "I am not allowed to read xrays; that is the responsibility of the radiologist". I guess a lot of patients just get douchy about it, and blame the tech; perhaps it is all in the way the rebuff is presented.

I suggested a few things Candace could tell patients who wanted to know if she "saw" anything:
1. "I once saw a solar eclipse"
2. "I saw the Sound of Music in the theater when I was 10"
3. "I saw an image of the Holy Family in a grilled cheese sandwich!"
4. "I see dead people?"

Candace doesn't have much of a sense of humor.