Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter, sigh.

New Cathy is off on a cruise somewhere warm; how dare she leave me to the cold, arctic north. Mr. Ednurseasauras has been in Arizona with the guys (OK, Vegas too..but he doesn't drink, gamble or do any of the stuff that normal people do in Vegas). Before he left, he spent 20 minutes teaching me how to use the snowblower in case of a Nor'easter while he is gone. It is a brand new snowblower. Let the record show that I have now used it more than he has. With another storm dumping more of the cursed white stuff yesterday, I am glad he is back and ready to resume snowblowing responsibilities. And that I didn't screw up the snowblower by putting in gas from a small container intended for the leaf blower.

There is so much snow we are having trouble getting rid of it in some areas. Last Friday I told Jane, my boss, that the pile of now in our parking lot had completely covered up the handicapped parking signs by the patient entrance. I thought that this was a problem because people without handicapped placards were parking there indiscriminantly, even people who come in 3 times a week and KNOW that they shouldn't park there. That leaves the little old ladies to park in Hip Fracture territory, and wouldn't that suck if one of them fell. She said she would put in a work order to have the signs unburied.

That was 2 storms ago. Now the snow pile is higher than the top of a full sized pick up truck. I worked a rare day shift today and was pretty surprised to find one of the building and grounds guys driving in. He came in laughing and wanting to know if we were smoking crack because those signs were gonna stay buried for a good, long time. He offered to drive back to the Big House to get some sawhorses and put some makeshift signs up. I can only imagine what kind of violations we would be racking up when someone with a placard complains.