Monday, January 31, 2011

Today's Last Patient of the Night.....

was a 20 month old brought by mother for "vomiting".

Me: When did the vomiting start?

Mom: A half hour ago. He was with my ex. I think he might have gotten into some medicine.

Me: What makes you say that?

Mom: Well it was blue and green and had chunks in it. Nyquil is blue.

Me: Did you speak to the Dad to see if it was possible, or that he had been given any blue foods?

Mom: What?! There are no naturally occuring blue foods!

Me: Rainbow Goldfish? Skittles? May not be natural, but they come in green and blue.

Mom: Oh. I didn't think of that.

Note: the child had eaten a lot rainbow colored Goldfish crackers when mom checked.