Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dewshe Bagghe of the NIght

In the middle of an absolute shitstorm  I became aware of the smell of....smoke.  Electrical?  Burnt popcorn in the microwave?  Wednesday thinking too hard?

No.  It's...cigarette smoke.

Where is it coming from?

Cardiac guy just sparked one in the bathroom.  While waiting for his telemetry bed downtown, his 3rd admission in a month.


Mac confronted the guy; tells him that his decision to light up in the unventilated bathroom was a selfish decision which has made the  environment toxic for patients and staff.

I was furious.  It is one thing if you have a death wish and want to poison your own body, have at it.  But please.  In a hospital, dude?  You could have gone outside which was a lot closer than the bathroom.

Mac: "He said he was sorry"
Me: "He can stick his sorries in a sack.  What a douche"

Smokey: "Hey!  Can I get some more of that dilaudid before I go in the ambulance?"

Dear facilities, I would like to request that a smoke detector be placed in the bathroom.....