Thursday, March 3, 2011

He said....What??

Southern Cathy: I can't believe you didn't filet that guy for saying that. I have never seen you so calm when someone is rude to you; are you on new happy pills or something?
Me: Hmm, what? I was taking his blood pressure, I didn't hear a thing. OK, what was it he said then?
Southern Cathy: (turning pale) I, umm... well, what I mean to say is.....well....he said....
Me: Spit it out!
Southern Cathy: He said...."IN ANOTHER MINUTE I'LL BE MAKING LOVE WITH THIS NICE NURSE"! Sorry! I though you heard it, jeesh, if I'd known you hadn't I never would have mentioned it!
Me: Cath, he's 80 fucking years old; at most he would get an over-the-top-of-the-glasses stare. Get a grip.