Monday, October 8, 2012

Just One Click Away from Armageddon

All day long all I hear is:

"Arrrrrrrgghhh!  EDnurseasauras help!  My whole dictation is frozen! What should I do!"

"EDNurseasauras!  How do I figure out how to add to an e-chart if I already closed it?"

"Damn!  That's the 5th time I've entered this order!  It just keeps getting kicked out!  Now what?"

I can usually figure out and fix most computer charting errors, glitches, transfers, work-arounds and fu*k-ups. And it's not because I am a SOOOOOOper User.

Mac: "It's a good thing you're here or our fat would be in the fryer.  How did you get so adept with all these computer issues?"

Me: "I click on every button and tab 'til I either run out, figure it out,  or beat it into submission.  I have absolutely no fear of pushing buttons which is why I would be a really bad choice have on a nuclear submarine"

Mac: "Yeah.  Oops.  There goes Argentina"

Me: "Exactly"