Thursday, March 29, 2012

Inappropriate Drop Medic has been at it again.

A paraplegic woman in an MVC.  No real injuries, but since she couldn't feel her legs she just wanted to be sure.  She was completely independent but relied on having her own wheelchair, slide board and bag of stuff like catheters and other paraphernalia that facilitate her independence.  None of which Inappropriate Drop Medic had thought to bring along.  I am old and don't lift all that well.  Kate shouldn't lift anything, and Gil....well, he is older than me.  Good thing the lady was gracious, open to suggestions, and wasn't really injured.

A psych patient who was clearly off her meds, ramped up and loudly and obnoxiously demanded to see another doctor.  Um, this it it lady.  Our crack security team (AKA, 911 local police, bless them) was happy to intervene so we could make phone calls to arrange transfer and a little bit of time to take care of less important stuff like vomiting kids and old ladies with pneumonia who needed admission.

One of the local drunks who was sleeping it off in the bushes, prompting a 911 call from a Good Citizen was brought in. NO! NO! NO! NO! Again. NO! We do not do drunks, psych patients, or women in labor. We stabilize and transfer only because we do not have the resources.

Know that I was not happy with you tonight, Inappropriate Drop Medic.