Saturday, September 24, 2011

Get Off the Phone

I may put on a happy face in triage, but when things get ugly I can take it right back off.  Nothing ticks me off more than people who just can't put down the fu**ing cell phone. So sorry to interrupt your oh-so-important text messaging so that I may triage YOUR emergent ER visit for say, dental pain or rash.  Fever of 99.4 ("My normal temperature is 97.5, so that is BURNING UP  for me!")

 Me: "Hi, what can we do for you today?"
Loser: (continues with phone texting activities and doesn't respond)
I waited exactly 7 seconds.
Me: "Excuse me".  I walked out of triage.  I was really busy, so I made her wait awhile.
When I eventually went back in, I said "Are we all done updating the Facebook status?"
If they are too stupid to know they are rude, it is unlikely they will notice if I am....annoyed.

I do not sit in a triage room eagerly awaiting your visit.  I have other patients upon which to do EKG's, clean wounds, and start interventions along with myriad other technical, secretarial and janitorial tasks (beds don't make themselves, and I certainly don't mind emptying trash and linen when it is overflowing).  There may even be one or two patients with ACTUAL EMERGENCIES for whom it may be necessary to transfer out in a hurry.

I shouldn't have to tell people to shut off their damn phone, but common courtesy is non-existent.  Hell, MANNERS are non-existent.  Parents certainly aren't teaching the basics at home, and teachers are too busy just trying to get the little shits to sit in their seats without damaging their fragile self-esteem.  Don't get me started on HATS.  The last time I was at a public event where the National Anthem was played, the announcer actually told men to remove their hats.  Pathetic.

I never never encourage people to answer their cell phone in my presence in fact I just don't even acknowledge their moronic ring tone.  Like the Rocky theme.  If it is a teen or a kid playing a video game I tell them to put it away.

What happened to respectful human interaction?

Gone by the wayside:
1.  Saying please, thank you, and excuse me.
2.  Waiting your turn.
3.  Making eye contact 
4.  Teaching kids to have respect
5.  Taking responsibility for your actions

Thus ends today's rant.