Monday, May 23, 2011

New Gal

Mikki is gone.  Goodbye to her as she heads off to greener work pastures.  Just remember there are no utopias in nursing, anywhere.  I am not sure that there can ever be a utopia in endoscopy where she headed.  For me, it would be the tenth circle of hell to spend all eternity (or until the end of my nursing career, possibly one and the same) as a bum look-up nurse.

So,  Southern Cathy has taken Mikki's day shift position, and I have a new partner imported from downtown: meet Kate.  She is disgruntled with the lack of leadership and general fuckery at the Mother Ship and is happy to roost with us.  Welcome, Kate!

She and I have similar backgrounds and experience and an eerily similar sense of humor; quite scary, actually.  We laugh a lot.  Bobo is doomed when we are both working, it is quite entertaining.

If our first ten minutes  together on shift is any indication, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I had triaged two individuals named Steve back to back.  Ellen is slow to register, so I went looking for their charts to bring them into a treatment room.

Me: "Hey, did Ellen bring those charts back?  I want to bring those two patients in"
Kate: "Ellen took them; she's bringing in the Steve's"
Me: "Bringing in the Steve's?"
Then I sang:"Bringing in the Steve's,
We shall come rejoicing"
by now Kate had joined in,
"Bringing in the Steve's!"
Then we laughed like idiots.

Kate: "What is a sheave, anyway?"
Me: "I think it is the little plastic piece at the end of a shoelace".
Kate: "Of course!  Shoe lace sheaves!  Brilliant!"

Yep, Kate is gonna work out fine.