Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear (fill in the blank), an Open Letter

Dear Parent who Smells Like an Ashtray:

Get real. When I ask you if your asthmatic child is exposed to second hand smoke at home and you reply no, please know that I think you are full of shit. You may claim to only smoke outside your home, but I will be needing a nebulizer treatment after spending three minutes in your presence. You reek, as does your child who is presently wheezing like an old Chevy.

It is your choice to improve your chances of developing lifelong respiratory ailments and/or lung cancer; it is not your child's. Grow the fu#k up.

And please refrain from the sob story about not being able to afford your child's inhaler, it just lacks authenticity when butts are over $5.00 per pack.

Yes, I know the irony is lost on you.