Friday, October 30, 2015

Holidays….'n Sh*t

Ah,  the holidays.
I usually work on Halloween.  I really have no use for this particular holiday even though my daughter says "Halloween is the best!  It's my Christmas!".  Whatever.   I have not had a kid come to the door in the last 10 years in spite of leaving a dish of candy out.  Well, one year I did, then had to eat the candy.  I would just rather work, it's easier.

I asked a co-worker last year if the nurses in our ER tended to get dressed up for Halloween.

"Of course!", she chortled.  "Well, I do!  I dress up everyday!"

The other nurse in the med room during this exchange grinned and shrugged.

"Ok, I mean does anybody OTHER THAN YOU dress up for Halloween?  Like teeny devil horns, or a spider on my headband?"

"No, not really.  But lots of people have halloween scrubs".

That's what I thought, I asked exactly the wrong person.

This fashionista nurse has an extensive and varied scrub wardrobe (scrubdrobe?) and by far surpasses this gal.  I don't think she has a single repeat, even for the "everyday" variety.  As for holidays, they are numerous.  There is even a collection of Hello Kitty attire, which I though was a riot and so wrong for a woman of her age, yet…she pulls it off.

Then there are the accessories.

For the hair, there are bows, barrettes, and headbands.  There are bracelets, earrings and necklaces.  There are tennis shoes, clogs, and nursing shoes of every color and description.  Watches.  Pens.

The day after Halloween, before the candy corns had a chance to become stale, her  Christmas and winter wardrobe came out.  Turkeys and cornucopias and snow globes, oh my.

We were subjected to hearts, hearts and more hearts signaling the end Christmas scrub season, around January 7.  And round and round, St Patrick's day, spring, Easter, Flag Day, Arbor Day.  There was not one holiday or observance left uncelebrated by some sort of attire.

Out of curiosity I once asked how many holidays and seasonal sets of scrubs she had.  I rarely see a repeat, I had to do it.  She had no idea.

 "A lot!", she grinned.

I was invited to her house after work for a drink, and I got an idea of how many sets of scrubs she had. Hundreds.  Literally.  Hundreds.

Which is exponentially more than my 3 sets: one navy, one ciel, one black.  And a black fleece vest which I pair with a 3/4 sleeve rolled cuff shirt.  Height of fashion.

I figure since I have been working back here at Pseudocity more than 1 1/2 years, I should go ahead and order the fancy vest with hospital logo and my name on it.  4 years to retirement.  Guess I'll get my money's worth.  But no holiday scrubs, rest assured.