Saturday, January 28, 2012

Maybe You Should Quit Watching the News When You're Bored

What is wrong with people? Honestly, who really gives a crap what Demi smoked, shot up, snorted, or ingested?  Especially if it leads to her simply seeking help for "exhaustion" as opposed to substance abuse?  Seriously, making her 911 tape available to the public just gives people stupid ideas.  Monkey see, monkey do.

Overheard ambulance patch to our Mothershp last night:
EMS: "Transporting a 35 year old female complaining of nausea and shaking.  She reportedly smoked some 'herbal incense' about one hour prior to our arrival.  She is conscious and breathing.  Vital signs....."

ER: "Are you bringing the substance the victim smoked?"

EMS: "No, it was confiscated by police".

Just because you can roll it up, stick it in a bong or stuff it in a pipe doesn't mean you should.