Sunday, December 23, 2018

Well, ok...

That last post was so I could add one more than last year.

But I just wanted to add to my post of a couple of days ago in which my family member experienced the joys of the season in the ER.  She has been admitted to the hospital and doing pretty well.  The family looks to me to be critical, but she has been receiving excellent care.

On the way in to the hospital a couple of days later to visit I encountered a locked door.  I'm not all that familiar with the hospital anymore.  It has been over 40 years since I knew my way around, and it has changed drastically.

Along with the locked door, I encountered a confused older woman with a cane who inquired as to where the main entrance might be.

(I assume I must have some kind of light radiating from me that indicates I am a health care professional and stand at the ready to render assistance).

"I think it's up the hill there", I pointed.  "I came in this door the other day".

"Well, it took me a long time to get here, I'm not going to be able to get up that hill", she looked mildly distressed, glancing around and waiting for someone to save her.

Sigh.  "I'm going to try this door right down this ramp.  I'll come down with you, then check to see it there door is open".

We walked down the incline, and I deposited her on a bench, huffing.  As I clearly saw people walking out the door, I called back to inquire if she wanted me to get her a wheelchair.

"Yes, if you can get someone to push it".

Sigh.  That would be me.

I settled her into the wheelchair and we entered the building.  There was no reception area, only a bank of elevators.   I asked her which floor she would be visiting on.

She looked blank.  "I don't know".

Sigh.  Sigh.  I espied a telephone on a table nearby, and pushed her next to it.  "OK, pick up that phone, dial "o", and ask, the operator will direct you".

Brief conversation ensued.  "X Building, 9th floor", she said with satisfaction, clearly in no rush to find someone other than myself to take her there.  Good thing I was headed to the same building, except I was only going to the 7th.  But first she had to drop the stack of papers she was carrying.  She wasn't going to pick it up.  I couldn't leave it.

So,  I took her in the wheelchair up the elevator  to the 9th.  "I am ok from here", she said as I neared a wheelchair stall around the corner from the nurses station.  "Thank you, and I'll be sure to pay it forward"

"I'm sure someone will be very grateful, have a nice day".

Later, as I was headed to my car in the parking lot, another older, confused appearing woman stopped me.  "Do you know where the main entrance is?"

Sigh.  Sigh.  Sigh.