Friday, June 29, 2012

I Hereby Sentence You....

Mrs. 100 Watt brought in one of her dirty unruly kids for yet another seemingly silly reason.  Inexplicably she had taken one of them to another ER recently where he was admitted for an appendectomy, days after he started saying his stomach hurt.  Normally Mrs. 100 Watt will wait a grand total of 10 minutes before bringing the kids to the ER for various boo-boos; something more serious and she waits days, of course.  

As she prattled on endlessly about this harrowing experience, she informed us that the surgeon who operated on her son thought she was so astute to have had the son seen in such a timely manner that she "should be condemned as a mother".

SHE said it.  She did.  Commendation vs condemnation, just give yourself a pat on the back.  Or a bat. Or whatever.