Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On Watching Your Language

Gotta love The Pirate.

The Pirate lost his first psych patient who ran out the door shouting, "Fuck you!  I'm not staying in the fucking hospital!" After allegedly taking an overdose and adding another couple of cutting notches to her arm she "just wanted to be stitched up and go home".

The Pirate, who does proof-read his dictations, charted exactly those words.

I always used to chart the profanity patients used until I was told by some Clip Board nurse that I really should not be charting the actual profanity.  I should just write "patient used the F word" or some shit like that.

"I went to a seminar with a bunch of lawyers who said I should absolutely write what the patient said in quotes because it's about the last thing anyone wants read aloud in court".

Word.  My charts are gonna look a whole lot more interesting from now on.