Thursday, December 13, 2018

I just know

Auntie is my fav charge nurse on the 3-11 shift.  I've known her for years, we work well together.  She says really great things about me on my annual evaluation.

 Auntie usually has something to say if I show my face for part of any other shift other than evenings. "I need you on my shift, you aren't going to work days now are you?  I think we have a contract", she jokes....kind of.

I always reassure her that it is a special case, a swap for kid's school play, doctor's appointment, whatever.

I agreed to work an unprecedented 7-3 shift in its entirety for one of the junior older nurses (meaning about 10 years younger than me).  For a rarely offered TNCC class.

Actual text exchange with Auntie after she perused the schedule for the following week:

"I see a D next to your name on the 10th.  I believe that goes against our contract" Frowny face emoji)

"I'm working for LA so she could do TNCC.  I did much soul searching, agreed to do it, and hoped you wouldn't see it" (laughing so hard I'm crying emoji)

"lol I'm watching you" (monocle emoji x 5).

Oh, I know you are.