Monday, July 25, 2011

Evil, evil

I worked more overtime in the last week than I care to, so getting out of work only 10 minutes late was a treat.  One of my all-time favorites was just kicking up on the radio, Back in Black (Hell's Bells, don't you think 50 somethings are into ACDC?) so I cranked it up good and loud as I cruised through the town square on my way home.  This was followed by a a little tasty Collective Soul, December.  Great ending to a pretty good night, even if 1) it wasn't my weekend to work and 2) I had to work with Second in Command (SIC). 

She is treading veeeeerrrrry lightly around me these days.  Everything from avoiding writing notes (which I can't stand) to apologizing profusely for calling me at home.  Never before 10 AM though, because I would just go ballistic.  At least that's what she thinks.

Jane, my boss has been out of work for weeks with an injury that keeps her home and out of the office.  We have all pretty much decided that SIC is not the de facto boss that she fancies herself to be.  With Sherry in Alaska for a month I am the only one she can't intimidate, and everyone knows that I intimidate her.

Sherry wanted to have a meeting before she left to elect me Second in Command....bwahahahahahahaha!
Ha!  Hahahahahahaha!
I am the only one with any actual leadership/management experience, really.  But I wouldn't drive that bus even if it was chocolate and had a marshmallow center.   I am more of a back seat driver.  Next-level-up management at this place does seem to have marshmallow fluff for brains and I am not sitting in any meetings with them.  Besides, they pay us through a pea shooter and try to screw the nurses out of every dime imaginable.  I'm sure they are wringing their hands while they decide to cut out coffee and hot water.  They sure as hell ain't paying any more to someone who volunteers who go  take on this kind of foolishness.

I can use my evil genius for more interesting things like manipulating the schedule so SIC gets less overtime, streamlining the code cart, and intimidating SIC.  While wearing this T shirt, perhaps, order it from here:

My boss called and asked me if I would consider becoming the designated on-site super-user for our new electronic medical record training.  Sure.  For overtime. SIC will be really pissed about that.  Yep, I'm gonna order that t-shirt.