Thursday, June 6, 2013

Is This the Same Thing?

Hello, anybody there?


Lots of stuff going on, none of it of any real significance but enough to keep me from composing any new fascinating posts.  I have lots of stories.  Oh, so many stories.

Part of my posting absence has been physical.  On Easter Sunday I sliced off the tip of my right index finger with the Mandolin blade.  Yes, I know, stupid.  Stupid.  Stupid.  The Mandolin has been sitting on the top shelf of the cabinet for over 2 months.  I was scared of it before; now I am outright terrified.

My wound healed just fine, the fingernail grew back in, but that's a little bit of a problem.  I type so much at work that it just isn't fun when I try to get my own thoughts down.  It still hurts, but less every week.  In the grand scheme of things, it is pretty insignificant but it is annoying that only 5 mm of tender flesh can have such an impact.  Ah well.

I leave you with this:

After suturing a finger laceration, Parvati told the young guy to have sutures removed in about 10 days. Clueless friend:  "Or I could just cut them off, haha!"
Parvati:  "Or he could come here, and we could do it"
Clueless friend: "His mom could do it, she's a doctor"
Parvati: "Really?"
Clueless friend: "Well, she's a vet tech.  Same thing"


So, using this logic

Being a nurse is the same as being a waitress
Being a pharmacist is the same as being a bar tender
A respiratory therapist is the same as an HVAC technician
A lab tech is the same as a chemist.  Although in Wednesday's case being a lab tech is the same as being Alice in Wonderland.