Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You Guys are Killing Me

I happened to be one of only 2 female nurses in the department this shift. The other 4 were guys, all the docs were guys, the medic was a guy. The other female was in triage which left me to chaperone all of the many pelvic exams, female rectal exams, and any other exam the docs thought they needed a chaperone for. This is a somewhat unusual situation, and escaped nobody's notice that I was becoming increasingly annoyed to become the "crotch nurse in the land of testosterone". Hmmph. Big Mick (he is Irish, and big, but this pseudonym is not meant as a slur, believe me) noted that it was going to be a long "boys night". I predicted that the testoterone would literally drip off the walls. Eamon thought the boys might surprise me by getting in touch with their femininie sides. I told him I really didn't want to work in Brokeback ER, to which he plaintively replied "I just can't quit you!" Eamon, I don't know which is more disturbing, the fact that you know the reference or the quote or both. Whoo hoo! Let's talk about huntin' and fishin'. Which they did. Interesting night, I never thought there was that much to learn about ice fishing, snowmobiling, and potato guns. Ah, well. After all, this is New Hampshire

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fear of Flight?

Well, this was an interesting bit of fun. Local EMS brings for our entertainment an "out of control" 16 year old male with a history of ADD, no Ritalin for 10 days, who has been on a two day Red Bull bender. Mom and Dad have been unable to do anything at all with him, his usual impulsivity and anger issues having been exacerbated by the caffeine and sugar.

Charge Queen: We need to get security down here, I put him and the mother in the family room but he's a flight risk.

Me: Flight risk? Is it because Red Bull gives you wiiiings?

Charge Queen: EDnurseasauras, that is bad! But funny.