Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves

Um, yeah. This was WAY too much drama me.

Man and woman, let's call them Dick and Jane, were brought in with relatively minor injuries from a car crash. They had been out drinking. Jane was driving. Jane was sufficiently toasted, wailing, "Where is my boyfriend Dick? Is Dick Ok? Why can't I see him? I'll kill myself if anything happens to him!"

Another man, let's call him Bob, came in looking for his wife; he had come across the wreckage of his wife's car, and was told by police that the driver had been taken to our ER. That would be Jane.

Of course, it was news to Bob that Jane had been out on a date instead of at the movies with girlfriends; needless to say the existence of Jane's boyfriend came as a complete surprise. Hearing Jane yelling drunkenly for her boyfriend was the tip off. Ooops. I was glad the police where there, even though we didn't need them.

I will say that Bob handled himself with aplomb; he never once raised his voice. He was dignified even though he must have been hurting terribly. I felt badly for him, but what can you say. He advised Jane that she was not welcome at home, and that he would contact her when she could pick up her things. Jane's response was to feign unconsciousness, if that is possible if you lack a conscience to begin with.

In my opinion he is well rid of her.