Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cat and Mouse

Nobody has a sense of humor anymore, especially our IT people.

We are housed in an old building.  There are mice from time to time, tiny little field mice.  I haven't seen any in about 3 years, but one was spotted recently by a patient who got pretty upset about it and made all kinds of stupid demands, said she wasn't paying her bill, etc., etc., etc.

I got right on it.  I sent an internal request for someone to investigate our mouse problem.  Just for laughs, I sent it to IT.  I figured it would be a nice change from dealing with forgotten email passwords and taking turns writing about how wonderful they are on the hospital attaboy board.  I checked the box that said "mouse, wireless" and sent it on over.

Memo exchange follows:

TO: EDNurseasauras
From: IT
RE: Mouse Problem

IT is only responsible for hardware issues, computer programming malfunctions, Help Desk issues, and other system issues related to electronic charting, etc.  Your mouse problem does not fall under IT responsibility.  Please initialize request to facilities.

From: EDNursesasauras
RE: Mouse Problem

That's ok, I'm more of a do-it-yourselfer.  In the absence of a mouse trouble-shooting tutorial, what kind of cheese would you recommend I initialize?

TO: EDNurseasauras
From: IT
RE: Really, it's not our problem but I suppose peanut butter might work.

From: EDNurseasauras
RE: It is now

If I catch the mouse, should I just disable it? Would there be any point in reinstalling?

TO: EDNurseasauras
From: IT
RE: Really???

Now you're messing with me, aren't you?
Do you even have a mouse problem?

Yep.  Also I know the location of the beige marketing cart.  And Jimmy Hoffa.

Eventually the facilities department set traps.
More on that later.