Thursday, April 7, 2011

Goodbye, Mikki

Well, Mikki quit; she's moving on to be a bum-look-up-nurse in Endoscopy full time for a little bit of money but no nights, weekends or holidays. I would rather work at Chile's, frankly, but it is a good move for her. Naturally the vultures are fighting over her day shift hours. They can have them; I hate working days, given that SIC is about to become even more unmanageable. Jane has taken on some added responsibility and will be helping out at the hospital's version of VNA (visiting nurses) to get their dismal leadership situation in hand. Yeah, good luck with that. Jane hates confrontation. Me and the other cool kids have vowed to quit en masse if SIC is given any responsibility that even whispers at a management role.

So, we on the evening shift will be acquiring a new player. The rumor is that it will be someone from the Mother Ship. Is it me? I lost one co-worker who died, my work husband quit, now this. Perhaps I should buff up my resume.

Both Cathys, Sherry, Mikki and I went out to lunch to wish Mikki bon voyage and good luck with her new job; Kerry and Lisa were both working. We did invite SIC but she chose not to come.

I will miss Mikki. But it does put me first in line for getting July 4th off.