Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shark Tale

So, I'm sitting here watching the news, a follow up story from the other day in which a man on vacation was horribly bitten by a shark in front of his son while body surfing .  The man survived, and was alive and well enough to give commentary on how incredibly lucky he felt.  No, it didn't ruin his vacation because now he would have a story to tell.

A story to tell??  Um, I have a slightly different take.

I am too lazy to do the research or the statistics, but I would think that the odds of getting attacked by a shark for someone who casually swims in the ocean a few times per year are far fewer than someone who swims in shark infested waters all the time.  So on the bright side, this guy's chances of getting attacked by a shark a second time  IN HIS LIFETIME are slim.  To none.

Getting attacked by a shark and surviving is like getting struck by lightening.

But what about the odds of getting attacked by a shark and surviving, and SUBSEQUENTLY being struck by lightening???

This gives me a headache, think I will have another glass of wine.