Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Son of Misqoutes

A 2 year old was brought in with a crayon stuck in her nose.

Why?  "It was GREEN!"

It was easily removed with a Katz Extractor.  Man, I wish I invented that thing.

The following dictation was not proofread by the attending:

"The patient was stabilized in an Extractor which was inserted in the right nares and a small cranium was removed".

Crayon.  CRAYON.  CRAYON!!  I'm certain she is going to be needing that cranium sometime in the near future even if it is quite tiny.

This next one, courtesy of Dr. I Never Check My Dictations, details the very minor complaints of a young man who had been in an MVA.

"This young man suffered no loss of consciousness, but reports a headache which sex has resolved"

What?!  I had to point that one out once I stopped laughing, but not before I wrote it down.

FYI he meant "which SINCE has resolved".