Monday, April 30, 2012

No Cure for This

Cripes: "What's wrong with this guy?"
Me: "Man-cold".
Cripes (singing falsetto to the tune Maneater) "Ohhh, here he comes, it's a Maaaaaaan Coooooold!"

Right.  It can practically be diagnosed from the parking lot and seems to be a phenomenon that has bearers of the XY chromosome dragging themselves out of their death bed in the evening hours.  It is universally accepted that the symptoms will have been present for.....a day.  Maybe.  Man-cold is emergent and debilitating.  Females who accompany Man-cold to the ER are either disgusted with their companions, or complete morons who also drag 3 or 4 dirty unruly kids who also have Man-cold, the Disney edition.