Tuesday, November 21, 2023

'tis the season

I know, I know.  I should know better. 

The grocery store two days before (insert holiday here).   I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I didn't need much beyond bread and milk....and coffee creamer...and lettuce.  

I try not to be in a hurry.  Hey, I'm retired.  When it's busy, whats the point? Many are trying to race around, I know it's useless and wastes energy and pisses people off.   I wait patiently for the folks who are taking too long right in front of the canned goods I want, say excuse me (pleasantly) to the individual having a cell phone conversation in front of the bananas, assist the elder woman who can't find the bread she needs.  The hard working employees are busy trying to restock shelves, and doing a great job amid chaos.  

I'm doing just fine as I make my way around the store, enjoying not having to BE anywhere or DO anything pressing.... until I got to the end of the cereal aisle.   I slowly and carefully maneuver around the employee stocking shelves at the very end of the row with an "excuse me" and a smile.  Just then, coming around the corner into the aisle like there's a blue light special is a Karen on a mission.  As I am nearly past the employee, Karen impatiently waits for me to clear the stocker.  She mutters a sarcastic "you're welcome" under her breath as she races down the aisle with a cart laden with carbohydrates.  I responded with a slightly more audible but pleasant "fuck you".  It is the holiday season, after all.

Snort of suppressed glee from the employee.