Saturday, October 20, 2012

We Are Going to Need Some New Monkeys

This is a picture of a fenestrated drape.  It is sterile and, among other things, comes in a suture set.  It is made out of a kind of heavy paper towel type of material.  

The whole thing is sterile and kind of extends a sterile field.  If placed over say, a laceration that has been prepped and anesthetized, the laceration would poke through the middle.  This ensures that the suture material doesn't become contaminated by anything.  They are generally supplied by a manufacturer.  See that nice, neat, carefully centered hole in the middle?

Note that I said "middle".  Now, see this?

The hospital has been trying to save money by using making their own fenestrated drapes.  Clearly there are some employees unclear on the definition of "middle".

"Send this down to central supply with a note for the manager", said Gil.  "This is the 3rd one of these I have gotten today, that is so annoying".

To: Central Supply
Re: Fenestrated Drape
Houston, we have a problem.....